PRESONUS Vintage Channel Strips - Add-On Bundle für StudioLive Series III und Studio One

Classic Compressor, Vintage 3-Band EQ, The Tube P1B Compressor, The Tube Midrange EQ - Digital Key

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Once again, PreSonus® StudioLive® brings together the worlds of the recording studio and live sound in ways the competition cannot match. Thanks to the unique interoperability between PreSonus hardware and software, you can add up to 12 new hybrid Fat Channel EQ and compressor plug-ins to both StudioLive Series III mixers and Studio One®'s Fat Channel XT. All are state-modeled to accurately produce the sound and response of the original hardware processors. The following plug-ins are included in this bundle:

Classic Compressor
The smooth character of this compressor allows you to create transparent or extreme color changes to your audio, making it a workhorse for just about any application.

Vintage 3-band EQ
With its distinct filter shaping, sheen, and bite, this three-band active EQ includes both high and low shelving filters, providing enhanced tone-shaping possibilities.

Tube P1B Compressor
In general, the response time of optical compressors tends to soften the attack and release, which can smooth out uneven volume fluctuations. Emulating an all-tube, optical design, the Tube P1B compressor delivers musicality, preserving the clarity of the signal even at the most extreme settings.

Tube Midrange EQ
This midrange EQ is based on a passive, all-tube design for ultra-smooth and musical equalization, making it ideal for any midrange source material.

Vintage inspired compressors and EQ for the ultimate VIBE!
Classic Compressor
Vintage 3-band EQ
The Tube P1B Compressor
The Tube Midrange EQ

Compatible with Studio One Artist and Professional (Versions 3.5.6 and higher)
Functions as additional Comp/EQ models in the Fat Channel XT Plugin in Studio One
Also Compatible with StudioLive Series III Console and Rack Mixers
Functions as additional Comp/EQ models in the Fat Channel processing section of StudioLive Series III Mixers

Compatible Mixer Models:
StudioLive 16 Series III
StudioLive 24 Series III
StudioLive 32 Series III
StudioLive 16R
StudioLive 24R
StudioLive 32R