PRESONUS Ampire XT Metal Pack - High-gain Verstärker Models für Ampire XT

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The Ampire XT Metal Pack is an Extension for PreSonus' Ampire XT Native Effects plug-in with six new roaring amp models and six new cajone-encrusted speaker-cabinet emulations designed to bleach the tats off metal guitarists. Adding to the lethal-weapon qualities of this Pack is a brand-new Metal Drumkit for the Impact virtual drum instrument.

New amp models

Metal Clean
High Gain
Angel Power
Metal American
Metal German
Gain Horse

New speaker cabinets

1x12 Metal British
2x12 Metal Custom
4x12 Metal American
4x12 Metal British
4x10 Metal German
4x12 Bass British

Requires PreSonus Studio One version 2.6.2 or higher.

Add-on for Studio One Artist, Producer, or Professional version 2.6.2 or newer
Six new high-gain amplifier models
Six new cabinet models, including a bass cabinet
New metal drumkit for Impact
35 new presets for Ampire
This is a digital download product only, not a physical version.