PRESONUS Acoustic Drum Loops vol. 2 - Stereo - Stereo Drumloop Samples

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These live drum performances, recorded in a state-of-the-art studio with world-class microphones, are ready to use in stereo format. Each style is an entire library of matching loops that can be arranged to fit any song form, just as a real drummer would play them, and includes individual loops for verses, bridges, choruses, fills, and variations.

Includes seven sets of loops:

Acoustic/Earthy (five styles)
Blues/Reggae (three styles)
Country (three styles)
Jazz (five styles)
Metal (four styles)
R&B/Funk (nine styles)
Rock/Pop (eight styles)

Requires PreSonus Studio One version 2.6.4 or higher.

A great sounding stereo loop library for Studio One. Featuring multiple styles, grooves, and song parts.

Acoustic and Earthy
Blues and Reggae
R&B and Funk
Rock and Pop
Includes intros, verses, bridges, choruses, fills, endings, and alternate grooves
Each style contains multiple options or variants to choose from
Time stretch
Stereo Loops 24-bit / 44kHz
Recorded in Nashville, TN at Downtown Batterie by acclaimed session drummer Tony Morra.
2.1 Gigabytes
Requires PreSonus Studio One 2.6.4 and higher. Prime, Artist, Producer, or Professional.
This is a digital download product only, not a physical version.