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ATTERO TECH Axon C1- In-wall remote controller, incl. white and black Faceplate

PoE, OLED Display, Rotary Encoder, Menu Button

Artikel-Nr.: 1300.09468
CHF 509.00


Ethernet Connected: Allows flexible control of many 3rd party AV products supporting UDP, TCP/IP control
Menu customization with Unify Control Panel
High Contrast OLED display provides easy to read menus and status
Simple controls facilitates simple user experience over assigned AV systems functions
Assignable LED light bar, provides optional feedback for zone level and system state
In-wall single gang design allows simple and unobtrusive installation
PoE powered, single CAT-5e/CAT-6 cable installation


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Axon C1_E.pdf | 2.6 MB | 09.05.2019
Axon C1_DE.pdf | 930 kB | 09.05.2019